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Accelerate business performance with US Radiant’s adaptive training and development services. The expert tools and minds at Radiant enables hi-tech training and development modules in various software and hardware skills.

Applied knowledge, practical influence and rigorous training at Radiant facilitates enhanced productivity, effective communication, agile consistency and improved service to gain superficial expertise and visionary success

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Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching at Radiant follows a holistic approach in training technical agile coaches to oversee and monitor the development of the development teams ensuring effective outcomes of coding and integration for the organisation. The major roles are guiding the team on the implementation process and arm the team with effective knowledge, tools and training for full potential productivity.

VLSI Training

A job oriented VLSI training programme, as per the specifications of the industry standards. The program involves extensive training of electronic engineers in both design and implementation of verification methodologies including RTL design and UVM methods with specialised training in advanced domains like DFT, low power verification, analog, digital and mixed signal verification etc.

Core Software Training

Our core software training allows access to expert knowledge in creating, designing, deploying and supporting core software. The specialisation can range between programming software, system software and application software involving multiple roles such as full stack web developer, mobile app developer, front-end developer, cloud developer and software architect

DevOps Training

The DevOps training approach includes production, maintenance and administration of software application platforms, code releases and bridging the development, testing and operations. The training comprises frequent testing and deployment regimes and integrates coding elements such as libraries and software development kits.

Automation Testing Training

The Automation Test Training delivers a robust testing network and in-depth knowledge and practice of various software technology software with an advantage to enhance the hands-on training in software development, quality assurance technology and training skills. The training offers knowledge on technologies such as Selenium Web Driver, Maven, TestNG, Appium, etc.

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